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Calor 2006 - Chicago, IL, USA

The XII International Conference on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics,  was held in Chicago, IL, USA, from June 5th through June 9th, 2006. This conference brought together world experts on calorimetry in high energy physics and related fields for in-depth discussions of the latest developments and innovations. With the LHC detector commissioning well underway and the ramping-up of ILC detector design activities, this year’s conference was particularly lively.The meeting addressed all aspects of calorimetric particle detection and measurement trough the following topics: Astrophysics Calorimetry, Hadron Collider Calorimetry, Lepton Collider Calorimetry, Medical Calorimetry, Particle Flow Calorimetry, Silicon Calorimetry, Scintillator Calorimetry, Gaseous Calorimetry, Calorimeter Simulations, Crystal Calorimetry, Readout Electronics, Calibration Techniques.

International Advisory Committee:
G. Bellettini Pisa/Univ., J. Colas, LAPP/Annecy, A. Ereditato INFN/Napoli, F. L. Fabbri INFN/Frascati, H. A. Gordon BNL/Brookhaven, D. Green FNAL/Batavia, P. Jenni CERN/Geneva, T. Kobayashi ICEPP/Tokyo, P. Lubrano INFN/Perugia, A. Maio FCUL & LIP/Lisbon, A. Menzione INFN/Pisa, H. Oberlack MPI/Munich, A. Para FNAL/Batavia, K. Pretzl Bern/Univ., J. P. Rutherfoord Univ. of Arizona, R. Wigmans Texas Tech/Lubbock, R. Yoshida ANL/Argonne, R-Y. Zhu Caltech/Pasadena.

Local Organizing Committee:
G. Blazey NIU, K. Byrum ANL, J. Freeman FNAL, S. Kuhlmann ANL, S. Magill (Chair) ANL, M. Oreglia Univ. of Chicago, J. Proudfoot ANL, J. Repond ANL, H. Weerts ANL, L. Xia ANL, R. Yoshida ANL, S. Klepec (Conference Manager).


Sessions Conveners 
Calorimeters: S. Kuhlmann; Calorimeter Technologies: J. Repond; Astroparticle and Neutrino Calorimetry: K. Byrum; LHC I - Technology: J. Freeman; LHC II - Technology/General Calorimetry: P. Schacht; LHC III - Commissioning: S. Nemecek; LHC IV - TestBeam: C. Alexa; LHC V - Calibration and Monitoring: A. Gupta; Simulation I - LHC: R.-y. Zhu; Simulation II: A. Para; Simulation III: N. Graf; Calorimetry at the ILC: F. Sefkow; ILC I - PFAs & II : J. Blazey; ILC III: H. Weerts.

Conference Proceedings:
CALORIMETRY IN PARTICLE PHYSICS. Calorimetry in High Energy Physics. XII International Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 5 - 9 June 2006.  - AIP Conference Proceedings Series, High Energy Physics Subseries,  Vol. 867. Edited by Stephen R. Magill and Rik Yoshida.
2006, XXIV, 616 p., Hardcover - ISBN: 978-0-7354-0364-2



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CALOR 2006
5-9 June 2006 Kellogg School of Management, Chicago, Illinois USA

Program and Talks

Monday 05 June 2006  
07:30->08:30    CALOR06 Registration
Description: Registration opens 1 hour before the conference program begins. 
08:30->08:40    Conference Welcome - Dr. Robert Rosner, Director Argonne National Laboratory
Description: Welcome to the conference by Dr. Robert Rosner, Director Argonne National Laboratory 
08:30  Welcome to CALOR06 (10') (files Slides  pdf  ppt  )
08:40->09:00    Introduction to the City of Chicago - Ms. Libby Mahoney, Chief Curator, Chicago History Museum
Description: An introduction to the city of Chicago - its history, unique contributions to civilization, and what not to miss while you are here. 
08:40  Chicago History and Intro (20')
09:00->09:30    Calorimeter Issues Today - Antonio Ereditato
09:00  Calorimeter Issues Today (30') (files Slides pdf  ) Antonio Ereditato
09:30->10:30    Operating Calorimeters I (Convener: Steve Kuhlmann )
Description: Talks on existing calorimeters and their operating characteristics/performance 
09:30  Performance of the D0 Calorimeter During Run IIA of the Tevatron at Fermilab (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Norman Buchanan
09:50  Status of the CDF II Calorimeters (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Mark Mattson
10:10  Precision Calibration of the D0 HCAL in Run II (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Krisztian Peters
10:30  Coffee Break
11:00->12:20    Operating Calorimeters II (Convener: Steve Kuhlmann )
11:00  Calorimeter Timing System at CDF (20') (files Slides  ) Max Goncharov
11:20  Electromagnetic and Hadronic Calorimeters in the MIPP Experiment (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Turgun Nigmanov
11:40  Jet Energy Scale Determination at D0 (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Jiri Kvita
12:00  Performance of the PRIMEX Electromagnetic Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Ilia Larin
12:20  Lunch
13:50->15:30    Calorimeter Technologies I (Convener: Jose Repond )
13:50  Precision Crystal Calorimetry in Particle Physics (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Ren-yuan Zhu
14:10  Philosophy and Feasibility of Dual Readout Calorimetry (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) John Hauptmann
14:30  Rad Hard Active Media for Calorimeters (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Edwin Norbeck
14:50  On the Calibration of Segmented Calorimeters (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Richard Wigmans
15:10  Silicon Photomultipliers, a new device for low light level photon detecction (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Hans-Guenther Moser
15:30  Coffee Break
15:50->17:10    Calorimeter Technologies II (Convener: Jose Repond )
15:50  The Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the Future PANDA Detector (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Rainer Novotny
16:10  The Electromagnetic Lead-Scintillator Barrel Calorimeter for the GlueX Experiment (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Mauricio Barbi
16:30  Design and projected performance of the tracking calorimeters for the PHENIX experiment at RHIC (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Edward Kistenev
16:50  Performance of the PHENIX NCC Prototype (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Michael Merkin
18:00  Conference Reception
Tuesday 06 June 2006  
08:30->09:00    Calorimetry in Astroparticle Applications - Scott Wakely
08:30  Calorimetry in Astroparticle Applications (30') Scott Wakely
09:00->10:20    Astroparticle and Neutrino Calorimetry I (Convener: Karen Byrum )
09:00  The Status of GLAST CsI Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Alexandre Chekhtman
09:20  The Electron-Hadron Separation Performance of the PAMELA Electromagnetic Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Emiliano Mocchiutti
09:40  The CREAM Calorimeter : Performance in Tests and Flights (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Moo Hyun Lee
10:00  Energy Resolution of the ANITA Experiment (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Amy Connolly
10:20  Coffee Break
10:50->12:50    Astroparticle and Neutrino Calorimetry II (Convener: Bob Wagner )
10:50  The Flourescence Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory - a Calorimeter for UHECR (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Bianca Keilhauer
11:10  Air Flourescence Calorimetry with the High Resolution Fly's Eye and Telescope Array Experiments (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Charles C. H. Jui
11:30  The VERITAS Array (20') (files Slides  ) Elizabeth Hays
11:50  Milagro, a Water Cerenkov Calorimeter for TeV Gamma Ray Astrophysics (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Aous Abdo
12:10  The IceCube Neutrino Telescope (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Mark Krasberg
12:30  ANTARES (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Valentin Niess
12:50  Lunch
14:20->15:00    Astroparticle and Neutrino Calorimetry III (Convener: Karen Byrum )
14:20  Calorimetry with CDMS Nonequilibrium Phonon Detectors (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Michael Dragowsky
14:40  XENON10 and the potential for Liquid Xenon TPCs for Dark MAtter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Tom Shutt
15:00->15:30    Calorimetry-Related Medical Applications - Chin-Tu Chen
15:00  Calorimetry-Related Medical Applications (30') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Chin-Tu Chen
15:30->15:50    Medical I
15:30  Contribution of HEP Calorimeter Electronics Techniques to the Medical Imaging Field (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Patrick LeDu
15:50  Coffee Break
16:20->16:50    Calorimetry at the LHC - Horst Oberlack
16:20  Calorimetry at the LHC (30') (files Slides pdf  ) Horst Oberlack
16:50->17:50    LHC I - Technology (Convener: Jim Freeman )
16:50  Lead Tungstate Crystals in CMS (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Riccardo Paramatti
17:10  A Damage and Recovery Study for Lead Tungstate Crystal Samples from BTCP and SIC (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Rihua Mao
17:30  Status of Zero Degree Calorimeter for CMS Experiment (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Oleg Grachov
Wednesday 07 June 2006  
08:30->10:10    LHC II - Technology/General Calorimetry (Convener: Peter Schacht )
08:30  Overview of the CMS Hadron Calorimeter (20') (files Movie;   files Slides pdf ppt  ) Julie Whitmore
08:50  The LHCf Experiment at LHC (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Lorenzo Bonechi
09:10  Hadronic Calibration of the ATLAS Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Rolf Seuster
09:30  The PHOS Detector at ALICE Experiment (20') Dmitri Peressounko
09:50  Quartz based Radiation Hard Calorimetry for CMS Experiment at LHC and SLHC (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Yasar Onel
10:10  Coffee Break
10:40->12:20    LHC III - Commissioning (Convener: Stanislav Nemecek )
10:40  The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter : Construction, Integration, Commissioning (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Martin Aleksa
11:00  Commissioning of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter and Operational Experience (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Paolo Rumerio
11:20  Installation and Commissioning of the ATLAS LAr Readout Electronics (20') (files Slides  ) Jinbo Ye
11:40  Scintillator Pad Detector : Very Front End Electronics (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Sonia Luengo
12:00  Front-end Electronics of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter and its Commissioning (20') (files Slides  ) Ilya Korolkov
12:20  Lunch
13:50->15:50    LHC IV - TestBeam (Convener: Calin Alexa )
13:50  Studies of the Response of the ATLAS Barrel Calorimeters to Pions using 2004 combined Test Beam Data (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Vincent Giangiobbe
14:10  Recent Results of the ATLAS Endcap Combined Test Beam (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Peter Schacht
14:30  CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Performance and Test Beam Results (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Alexandre Zabi
14:50  Recent results of the ATLAS Barrel Combined Test Beam (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Marco Delmastro
15:10  Studies of the Linearity of the ATLAS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Response (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Walter Lampl
15:30  Recent Results on the Uniformity of the Liquid Argon Calorimeter Measured in Test Beams (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Irena Nikolic
16:00  Free Time - Chicago Sightseeing
19:00  Conference Dinner
Thursday 08 June 2006  
08:30->10:30    LHC V - Calibration and Monitoring (Convener: Ambreesh Gupta )
08:30  Calibration and Monitoring of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Joao Carvalho
08:50  Initial Calibration for the CMS Hadronic Calorimeter Barrel (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Mayda Velasco
09:10  Cosmic Ray Calibration of the PbWO{4} Crystal Electromagnetic Calorimeter of CMS (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Giovanni Franzoni
09:30  CMS ECAL Calibration Strategy (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Georgios Daskalakis
09:50  The CMS ECAL Laser Monitoring System (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Adi Bornheim
10:10  Test Beam Results on the Proton Zero Degree Calorimeter for the ALICE Experiment (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Roberto Gemme
10:30  Coffee Break
11:00->12:40    Simulation I - LHC (Convener: Ren-yuan Zhu )
11:00  Jet Performance and Jet Energy Scale Determination at CMS (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Anwar Bhatti
11:20  Jet Reconstruction and Calibration in the ATLAS Calorimeters (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Sigrid Jorgensen
11:40  The Simulation of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Valentin Niess
12:00  Electron/Photon Reconstruction Performance with the ATLAS Detector (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Kamal Benslama
12:20  Missing Transverse Energy Reconstruction with the ATLAS Calorimeters (20') (files Slides ppt  ) Ambreesh Gupta
12:40  Lunch
14:10->15:30    Simulation II (Convener: Adam Para )
14:10  Geant4 Hadronic Physics Validation with ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Test-beam Data (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Calin Alexa
14:30  CMS HCAL Testbeam Results and Comparison with GEANT 4 Simulation (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Jordan Damgov
14:50  Recent Developments and Validations in Geant 4 Hadronics (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Dennis Wright
15:10  Ion and Neutron Transport in Geant 4 (20') (files Slides  ) Tatsumi Koi
15:30  Coffee Break
16:00->17:20    Simulation III (Convener: Norman Graf )
16:00  Performance of the CDF Calorimeter Simulation in Tevatron Run-II (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Pedro Movilla Fernandez
16:20  Simulation of the Hermes Lead Glass Calorimeter (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Arne Vandenbroucke
16:40  SLIC: A Geant4-based Detector Simulation Package (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Norman Graf
17:00  Extruded Scintillator for Applications in Calorimetry (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Victor Rykalin
Friday 09 June 2006  
08:30->09:00    Calorimetry at the ILC - Felix Sefkow
08:30  Calorimetry at the ILC (30') (files Slides ppt  ) Felix Sefkow
09:00->10:20    ILC I - PFAs (Convener: Jerry Blazey )
09:00  Intelligent Design: Individual Particle Reconstruction and ILC Detectors (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Norman Graf
09:20  Development of ILC Particle Flow Algorithms at Argonne (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Lei Xia
09:40  Particle Flow Performance and Detector Optimization (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Predrag Krstonosic
10:00  Particle Flow Reconstruction based on the Directed Tree Clustering Algorithm (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Guilherme Lima
10:20  Coffee Break
10:50->12:30    ILC II (Convener: Jerry Blazey )
10:50  GLD Calorimeters (20') (files Slides  ) Tohru Takeshita
11:10  The CALICE Scintillator HCAL Testbeam Prototype (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Gerald Eigen
11:30  CALICE Scintillator HCAL Commissioning Experience and Testbeam Programme (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Erika Garutti
11:50  CALICE Scintillator HCAL R&D (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Volker Korbel
12:10  Digital Hadron Calorimetry for the ILC using Gas Electron Multiplier Technology (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Andy White
12:30  Lunch
14:00->15:40    ILC III (Convener: Harry Weerts )
14:00  Hadron Calorimetry at the International Linear Collider (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Jose Repond
14:20  A Silicon-tungsten EMCAL with Integrated Electronics for the ILC (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Norman Graf
14:40  R&D for a Scintillator-based HCAL for the ILC detector (20') (files Slides pdf ppt  ) Dhiman Chakraborty
15:00  A Tail-Catcher/Muon Tracker for the CALICE Test Beam (20') (files Slides  ) Alexander Dyshkant
15:20  The Calorimeters in the Very Forward Region of ILC (20') (files Slides pdf  ) Jinlong Zhang
15:40->16:00    Farewell